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Belvedere: Prince Eugene - General, Philosopher and Art Lover (May - June 2010)

Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663-1736) was the most important Austrian army general in history. In (1683) he arrived penniless at the court of Leopold I and in the same year started his brilliant military career at the Relief of Vienna during the Turkish invasion. Prince Eugene was a pivotal figure in the political and economic ascendancy of the House of Habsburg. The exhibition presents Prince Eugene as a key figure in the overall cultural history of this era. It reflects not only developments in the history of art, but above all the spirit of the age in all dimensions. Main themes of the exhibition are: dynastic strategies, self-presentation, gallantry and intrigue, the art of war, self-awareness, individuality and the contemporary art of survival.

Lower Belvedere & Orangerie
Rennweg 6
1030 Vienna